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 Our Dog Shirt is the perfect shirt for almost any pet for an exceptional value!
  • Solid colour
  • Great for mix and match
  • 100% cotton
  • Perfect for layering
  • Customize for every occasion

Why We Love It:

This shirt is sure to be your dog's favourite with a comfortable fit and 100% cotton breathable fabric. Great on its own or use it year round by layering it under coats and sweaters to help keep shedding down and for extra warmth. 

We love our Dog Basics! Great shirts for group photos (with every dog getting their own colour.) Mix and match with our entire Barking Basics line for quality at a price you won't find anywhere! 

You'll be able to outfit the whole gang thanks to a broad range of sizing to fit dogs from XS (3-6 pounds) up to 3XL (70-100 pounds.) Check with our sizing experts for any questions, and remember to make allowances for heavier coats. The chest measurement is generally the most important.  

Have the dog help your event be even more special by designing these shirts for graduation parties, birthdays, family reunions or family pictures, or sporting events. You could also customize these for a charity or pet event. The sky is the limit!

We also like these shirts to help with recovery from surgery or to protect skin from scratching and biting. The breathable cotton helps wounds heal better. Keep several on hand for your recuperating pet (even cats.)

This soft knit dog top is made of 100% cotton. 
Available in red, blue and pink, if you are interested in another colour please contact us at