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Here you can read the reviews of some of our customers. Because we think that the best reference is when it comes from a customer who has already made a purchase at our store, we have chosen for a 'fenced' guest book. Doing so, only customers who actually have ordered and received our products are able to upload a comment. This makes the testimonials most reliable!
You can add a review and attach a photo after you've reveived our service e-mail, which will be sent to you approximately 2 weeks after shipping date of your order. This e-mail provides a unique link to get access to our review page.
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Kiran, Edmonton 2016-02-01
Very unique idea...everyone loved it
Kat Lam, Hong Kong 2015-06-24
A father's day present for my husband. dad's shirt wrote: I MAKE CUTE BABIES baby's shirt wrote: I'M CUTE BABY MARCEL The quality of the tee shirts are very nice.
April Trussell-Smith, Davisboro, GA 2015-02-07
I love personalizing shirts with Simply Colors. I did it when our first was born, and again for the birth of our second daughter!
Alice Remillard, 2015-02-01
My daughter adored the red t shirts and found them great quality material. I am most pleased in your prompt shipping. I will most definitely shop more and recommend this site as well. Thank you!
Amanda Gaughan, Mississauga, Ontario 2015-01-06
My nephew wearing a simply colors onsie when my brother proposed to his fiancé at Christmas!
Sarah Fung, Edmonton 2015-01-05
My nephew Connor Balla - not quite big enough to fit in his onsie yet haha :)
Tara L, Marlton 2014-12-15
My husbands cousins fiance and her little boy. I actually got the shirt for him because Lauren is do any moment now this new year and wanted a cool looking shirt for their only son John which I think he rocks the shirt well (:
Daniel, 2014-11-30
Just received my order today and wanted to thank you very much for your help with this. Everything looks amazing! I'll definitely be ordering with you guys again in the future.
Jenn, 2014-10-30
I am so impressed with the quality of the onesie I custom designed. My friend is going to love it! The material is so soft! Thank you so much!
Valerie Richard, Québec 2014-07-23
Used to tell everyone our new baby coming soon!
Mom Of A, E And O, Pittsburgh 2014-07-18
Twins turning 4 in their simply color shirts!
Stella Maccari, Toronto 2014-06-25
Father's Day fun
Petra Franke, Kamloops 2014-06-19
The family LOVED their outfits and raved about the quality of the material. Thanks again.
Kimberly Bagaciunis, Dearborn 2014-05-01
She was having so much fun, spinning and dancing because she loves her new t shirt. This is the only picture that she paused long enough for me to take it.
Jennifer Tully, Winfield 2014-03-07
We love getting a birthday shirt every year from Simply Colors!
Dayna Jacoby, Telford 2014-02-19
I love simply colors! I have ordered many birthday shirts from this site and have never been disappointed! They are awesome and I recommend to everyone!
Sarah S., Victoria 2014-01-18
I cannot believe my order arrived 24 hours after placing it!!!!!! Thank you SO much!!
Pat Robinson, Garibaldi Highlands 2014-01-10
Great experience! Extremely happy with products and got them in time for Christmas!!! Thank YOU!
Trisha H, Barrie, On 2014-01-07
Every year we make a Birthday shirt. My daughter loves it! Thank you Simply Colors
Laurie Chappell, London 2013-12-24
Christmas 2013 was the start of a family tradition to have my grandchildren over the week before Christmas to decorate the tree, have a movie night and open a new book each I wanted the first time to be really special; the PJ's from Simply Colors made for a perfect picture of Mason, Ashlynn and Brooklyn. Ashlynn is 1 and a half, Brooklyn is 3 and half months and Mason is 2 and a half. We love this picture where Brooklyn is falling over. The items we ordered were a huge hit.
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