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Frequently Asked Questions

- Why can I only print one text line or illustration on the front of my hoodie?
There’s a limited space only between the collar and the pockets of a hooded sweater. However you can print the back of a hoodie with 3 text lines, or an illustration with a text line.

- Why is there a maximum of 15 characters available per text line?
If we would print more than 15 characters, the text would become too small or end up under the arm pits. However if you want to print a slightly longer text than automatically allowed by the system, you can always contact Customer Service to see whether we can be of help in printing the desired text.

- Can I choose more than one font type or print colour on one item? 
No, you can choose one font type and one print colour only, even when you wish to print front and back.

- Can I provide my own logo?
Yes, you can email a logo (in jpeg format) to Customer Service and we will do our best efforts to make it work in our cutting software. You will typically receive an answer to your request within 24 hours. 

Print options

Our extensive collection can be printed with a personal text, and/or with an illustration. Your child’s name, a nick name or funny slogan. A great choice of font types, print colours and text size will help you to make your creation really unique!

Because your items are printed by us in a professional manner they will not peel after numerous washings and the bright colours of the item and print will not fade.

How does it work?

In the red area at the top of our website, you choose the item that you want to have printed. First you choose size, item colour and the size(s) you wish to print, then you can start designing by choosing text and/or illustration, design size, font type and print colour. And you will instantly see at the screen what your design looks like! 

Some colours do not stand out enough to make them visible: white print on a white item, red print on a pink item and light blue print on an aqua item is less visible on the clothing than on screen. We recommend not to choose these colour combinations.

How much does it cost?

A regular one line print or illustration costs $4.95 per side. In case you wish to have a print consisting of two or three lines, or an illustration combined with a text line, the extra costs are only $2.95. We have to charge a little extra for silver/gold/glitter prints ($1.00), army/denim print ($2.00), Glow-in-the-Dark print ($3.00) and full colour print ($4.00).


Need inspiration? Simply Colors made a selection of a lot of prints which you can find in the Examples Section on our Home Page!